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The M.S. OYSTER is an 18-metre Mulder luxury yacht that can serve as a boardroom for you and your management team as you spend one or two days on the water.

Your meticulously planned sessions will be guided by Max Blom Sr., whose 45 years of national and international business experience can help you chart a course towards a better future. His wife, Alice, will help you focus on your inner being. Alice is also an experienced interior designer who can bring a contemporary touch or a whole new look to your workspace. We take careful stock of every aspect of the company and identify which elements requireattention.

Building brands has been the hallmark of Max Blom Sr.'s career. His portfolio has included names like Hermès, Cartier, Rolex, O'Neill, Steps, Brunotti, Mystic, and Magic Marine.

As founder and first chairman (1992 - 2005) of the Dutch and European Anti Counterfeit Organisations (SNB and REACT), Blom Sr. was also a key player in the fight against counterfeiting and protecting trademarks in the broadest sense of the word.

OYSTER Business Circle

Max Blom Sr. has often called in specialists through his extensive career: Accountants, tax specialists, on-and-offline marketers, attorneys, notaries, bankers, brand protectors and a wide range of other specialists who have brought added value to Max Blom Sr.'s business while still offering excellent value for money. Several of these specialists have been invited to join the OYSTER Business Circle, which can be deployed as an experienced, full-service team.

OYSTER Boardroom

The location and work environment at OYSTER Office in Warmond make it the perfect place for a business meeting. As a regular OYSTER client, you can host confidential negotiations in the OYSTER Boardroom, and of course in specific cases, the yacht is also an option. Presentation options, discretion, and catering form the foundation for a successful merger, acquisition, sale, or other deal. Closing time isn't in our vocabulary.

OYSTER Recovery

The life of a CEO or DGA can be challenging in a recovery situation. It's often lonely at the top, and the steps that must be taken and the environment you're working in can be a major source of stress. Special credit management at the bank, pressure from suppliers, customers, and employees – it all demands intense support in times like these. But your family will be feeling the pressure, as well. That means the right attention, support, and approach require a great deal of attention. As someone who's been there himself and can lend a listening ear, Max Sr. will be by your side, fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with you to help the company and its leadership through this phase.

Interior Design & Styling

Your business plan isn't the only important thing, your work environment is vital as well. The company's image tells the story that customers and staff will experience and understand on a daily basis. In many cases, a company's design and image don't match their vision, collection, or strategy. With her lifelong experience as a jeweller and owner of "De Blauwe Kamer", Alice has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to styling and interior design. Let her help you brainstorm and restyle to give your company a look and feel that suits your vision, brand, team, and target audience.

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