“What happens on OYSTER stays on OYSTER.”

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We are writing this in January 2019. After the sale of MBrands International, the holding company form water sports brands Magic Marine and Mystic, Max Blom Sr. entered a new phase of life. One dominated by deadlines, worries about productions in far-off lands, stock, personnel, and the other problems that keep entrepreneurs awake at night – it all seemed to have come to an end.

Max Sr. with Jack O'Neill, 1993
Max Sr. and his son, Max Jr., at the helm of MBrands, 2018
The global MBrands family at the 10th anniversary, 2017
Max Sr. sells MBrands to The North Technology Group, 2019

Max Sr. had worked hard every day since 1977 and gone through quite a lot. His luggage packed with more than 40 years of experience, Max Sr. boarded his yacht in the summer and was finally able to enjoy a holiday that could last longer than the two weeks he was used to.

As he sailed along the River IJssel in Gelderland, in the silence at the helm, Max began to contemplate a new future. This life is fun, but only if you have it to look forward to, not if you're in the middle of it every day. A list was made, with sailing as the common thread, and gradually the picture grew, quickly leading to a new conclusion. Max Sr. would use his wealth of experience, in business and in life, to help Entrepeneurs and management teams continue to build their businesses on our boat. These sailing meetings would be enhanced with Alice's warm hospitality and culinary skills. The plan was born!

“We're only going to do things we like and
we'll do them together.”

Who we are

Two completely different people, who've been together for more than 35 years and have learned to expertly complement and compensate for each other's talents and shortcomings. Alice's creativity knows no bounds and she has an excellent eye and love for interior design and cooking. With 20 years of experience as the owner of de Blauwe Kamer (gifts and interiors), she has an impeccable sense for ambience and styling that's almost a – healthy - addiction.

Where Alice is endlessly creative, Max Sr. prefers a tidy desk and a tight organisation. His goal is to achieve the best results possible, of course. As an entrepreneur, manager, director, sportsman, and team player, he always tries to be one step ahead of the world around him by approaching life with plenty of energy, a tight schedule, and meticulous time management.

“An oyster is given a challenge in the form of sand, and through its healing process, it eventually becomes a pearl.”

Why Oyster

Companies come on board with a challenge. The goal is for them to disembark with the solution in sight. Think of it like an oyster. An oyster is given a challenge in the form of sand, and its healing process around that challenge eventually produces a pearl. Oysters are also known as the cleaners of the sea, they clean up all the dirt.

A second important argument for choosing OYSTER is the famous Dutch saying: "As closed as an oyster". Once aboard, DGAs and companies will share their secrets, so everything that happens on board needs to stay there: What happens on OYSTER, stays on OYSTER.

And so it happened that in the summer of 2020, the OYSTER was rechristened and launched with a brand-new colour scheme, ready to serve as a "stage" for OYSTER Business & Charters. Will you join us on board?

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